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Bad Day Strategies CLASS--Videos on thumb drive

Bad Day Strategies class VIDEOS ready to be shipped on thumb drive. The drive contains 7 videos equaling just shy of 2 hours of information and a pdf outline. 

Bad Day Strategies for Longarm Quilters—What To Do When Things Go WRONG!
This class is full of ideas for dealing with the quilting trouble that inevitably comes your way. Understanding methods for getting around the “oopsies” in quilting can increase the quality and efficiency of your work. We'll discuss how to best deal with trouble like extra full borders, tears in a quilt, bleeding, pokies, bearding, short batting or backing, quilts that aren’t square, mechanical issues, irate customers, smelly quilts, a tuck in the backing, bulky seams, and many other problems you may encounter as a longarm quilter. The purpose of this class is to give you strategies to deal with quilting troubles BEFORE they come your way--and perhaps avoid them altogether! An ounce of prevention ....