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Tips & Tools Complete Video Collection

This collection includes 48 short (5-10 minute) videos for CreativeStudio/Statler owners. All four of our Tools & Tips Collections are included. Tools & Tips for Getting Started, Tools & Tips for Features, Tools & Tips for Borders and Tools & Tips for Pattern Design. After purchase, a link will be sent to access the videos on Vimeo. 

Topics Include:

Circular Array
Apply Blanket Stitch
Nodes to Modify a Pattern
Draw Curve
Draw Arc with the Head
Again in Setup
Draw Trim
Using Pattern Handles
Altering a Pattern
Fill Vs. Trim
Origin Point
Audition Patterns
E2E Mode Vs. Repeat Pattern Setup
E2E With Start/End at the Top
Thread Break
Deeply Nested E2E
Not Enough Pattern at the Bottom
Choosing Thread
Choosing Designs
Changing an E2E Pattern

Virtual Stitchout
Save Pattern
Creating and Saving a Pattern
Modifying a Pattern
Turning Echos Into Spirals
Order Join Basics
Set Sew Order
Creating a Pattern from an Existing Design
Adding a Name to an E2E Design
Mirror Feature When Creating Patterns

Squaring a Quilt Top
Tips for Dealing With Fullness in Borders
Creating Boundaries for Wonky Borders
Dealing with Borders that are not Straight
Virtual Stitchout   
Border Corner Setup in CS7
Chunking Side Borders
Bottom Border Corner
Top Border
Chunking Side Borders
Bottom Border   
Turning a Quilt for Side Borders